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The South End Wrightsville Beach
Best Winds: S | SE | SSW

The South End of Wrightsville is one of the more popular spots in the area. It is an ocean site but the jetty cuts down most of the chop and current. For an ocean spot it is normally very easy to ride. We kite on the ocean side of the jetty and launch on the beach just down wind of the jetty. On the predominate winds there normally aren’t large waves to deal with. Under the right conditions though the jetty can handle swell well over head, and can provide some of the cleanest heaviest lined up barrels ever. The best winds are S, SE, and SSW. It is ride able on East winds but most riders go to the north end of
Wrightsville. As the wind starts to get more west to it, the wind will be blowing a bit off shore and can get more gusty. Most riders will go to the Basin in these winds.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when riding at the south end of Wrightsville beach:

  • Parking can be a pain some days. There are parking meters. The rate is $2.50 per hour or $15.00 per day. Tickets are expensive! You don’t have to pay after 6pm
  • There can be a lot of surfers and swimmers. Keep your distance from them so there is not a chance to have an accident.
  • There is a pier quite a ways downwind of where we launch. If you cannot stay upwind, come in downwind of the pier or well upwind of the pier so you don’t get pulled into the pier if the wind picks up.
  • If you are learning, you should body drag out well past the swimmers and surfers so if you crash your kite you will not hit anyone.
  • Launch and land your kite in an area clear of people so you won’t hit anyone if something goes wrong.
  • Please ride safe. We do not want kiteboarding to get restricted or banned in our area. Please read the Rules to ride by section on our site.
  • Directions: Head to Wrightsville Beach. You will cross over a draw bridge and then go over a smaller bridge. Take a right as you come off the smaller bridge. You will be headed south now. Stay in the right lane. The left lane ends and the right lane turns hard to the left. You will be at a yield sign now. Turn right and go down as far as you can. There is parking along this road on the right side in the white lines. Try to park as far down as you can to minimize the walk. Walk through one of the public beach accesses to the beach and look for the jetty.