The Surf Breaks

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Wrightsville Beach, NC: South End
 @ Crystal Pier

This is one of the more consistent and popular surf and kite surf spots on Wrightsville Beach. All sand bottom with sandbars stretching from the steel and rock jetty at the very South to the remnants of the pier. The pier boasts a break on the North side; usually a fast right and left will peel off of the sandbar in front of and just North of the pier.  South of the pier between 3-10 different section A frame peaks will set up on a typical swell. Picks up 135 degrees of swell-From the NE through the S window. Offshore Wind: WNW-NW

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Surf City, NC: Surf City Fishing Pier

A super good beach break with sandbars that offer some fun rights and lefts. Do not surf too close to the pier and respect the locals! Picks up 115 degrees of swell-From the ENE through the S window. Offshore Wind: NW-NNW

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Kure Beach, NC: Kure Beach Fishing Pier

Best side is usually on the North side; again do not surf too close to the pier. Sandbar offers mainly walled rights that real off towards the beach. Needs a good strong swell to offer some power. Picks up 165 degrees of swell-From the NNE through the S direction. Offshore Wind: W-WNW

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Nags Head, NC: Jennettes Fishing Pier

A good beach break with the right swell.  Sandbars tend to be shifty with breaks changing after each swell event. Lined up fun rights and lefts on the good days. Pier will be reconstructed over the next several years. Picks up 165 degrees of swell-From the N through the SSE direction. Offshore Wind: WSW-SW

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Manasquan Inlet, NJ:

An excellent beach break!!.  . Offshore Wind: NW-SW